Finding A Great Domain Name

Before we start building your site you need to know the domain name you want to use. Your domain name is how people will remember, and hopefully share, your site. It’s important it’s a good one. The video below will help you research options if you are not sure about what you want to use.
You should avoid numbers (1234) and dashes as these can be confusing to communicate when telling people about your site.


Most of the time you’re going to want to find a .com domain name as that’s the extension most people think of by default.

If you are building a website for a non-profit organization than .org is a good choice.

Regional domains (like .uk and .ru) are good if your target audience is primarily in that region.

In the video linked above we show you how to use to determine if a domain name is available. We will get our domain for free in the next step so don’t buy your domain with NameCheap.

On NameCheap’s home page there is a large textbox. Type the domain you are thinking about in there and press Enter.

That will take you to a results page. If the domain you are interested in is already registered, like than you will see a grey X under the domain.

You can keep change the text in the search box and the page will update in real time. Keep trying domains until you see a teal check mark like in the image below. That domain is available to register. We will get our domain for free in the next step, so don’t buy it here.

If you’re still stuck looking for a good domain we recommend you try

On this site you can enter a keyword related to your topic and find possible .com domain names.

For example if I wanted to build a website about cactus I would type that in the search box and press Enter.

In the results you can see that there are over 3,800 possible .com domains that contain “cactus”.

You can sort the results by popularity, length and alphabetical. You can also select to only see results that start or end with the key term.

Some the the results returned will not make sense but there should be some great possibilities in this list.

Keep using and until you find the domain you want to use for your new site. In the next step we will sign up for Web Hosting and get that domain for free.