How To Delete WordPress Themes

Deleting themes you are not using is encouraged by WordPress and a great idea. It keeps your site organized and light weight. It also stops you from getting those pesky notifications when those themes have updates.

In this short tutorial I’m going to show you how to delete themes you’re not using on your website.

In your admin panel hover your cursor over Appearance in the left navigation then click on Themes.

This will bring up a page with all the themes that are installed on your site. The first one in the list is the one that is Active. In this case my active theme is the Hello theme.

When you hover your cursor over a theme a black button that says “Theme Details” will appear.

Choose a theme you want to remove and click on the Theme Details button.

This will bring up a white modal with all the details for that theme.

From here you can Activate or see a Live Preview of this theme on your website. Right now though we are looking to remove this theme. In the bottom right corner of the modal is a little red Delete link. When you hover over it it turns into a red button. Click on that.

That will bring up a confirmation modal just to make sure you want to remove the theme. This is important as any changes you’ve made to the theme will be lost. When ready click on the Okay button.

In a moment or two you will be taken back to the themes page and that theme will be removed from your site.

Repeat this process to remove any themes you no longer want on your site.

Note: If you remove all default WordPress themes the Site Health Check will display another message saying that you should leave a default theme available in case your active theme breaks. You may want to leave one default theme, probably the most current, on your site.

I hope you found this short tutorial helpful in your efforts to keep your WordPress site organized and fast.

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Rich Coy

Rich Coy

Rich has been teaching people how to build websites for almost 20 years. He started this site to share his passion for the internet and the opportunities it offers individuals and small business owners.