6 Reasons to Start a Food Blog in 2021

In this article, we are going to be taking a look at some of the reasons that you should start your very own food blog and at the end, I am going to share with you a very simple way for you to get started.

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You may have spent a lot of time considering whether getting into blogging is a worth while thing. Since the first blog, commonly associated with a guy called Justin Hall, way back in 1994, the hobby has become something of a global sensation. Millions of people now use a blog to share their experiences and even make an income, why shouldn’t you be one of those people?

Finding your blog niche is the first step in your journey, you want to write about something that is, first of all, a passion for yourself and secondly something that other people are going to want to read. The food blog has become a favorite amongst new and seasoned bloggers, and there is a good reason for this.

In this article, we are going to be taking a look at some of the reasons that you should start your very own food blog and at the end, I am going to share with you a very simple way for you to get started. If you want to start a food blog, this is the place to be.

1. Everybody Eats!

The simple fact is that there is not a human being alive out there that does not require food. All of us eat, whether it is continual take away food or meals from a farmhouse kitchen, we all need food. This is a massive reason that many people decide to start a food blog, the potential audience is huge. Your audience is the key to success when writing and developing a blog, and with such an expansive one, you are sure to see nothing but positivity.

Think about the different types of people who might be interested in reading your brand new food blog:

  • New mothers requiring quick and easy recipes for their growing family.
  • Busy business people who need healthy snacks on the go.
  • Total novices who don’t know a carrot from a cucumber.
  • People looking for the best places to eat in the local area.
  • Young people who are just finding their tastes and preferences in the world of cuisine.
  • Those looking to start a healthier lifestyle and diet.

The possibilities are endless. There are so many different types of people who will be clamoring for information about anything to do with food, so a food blog could be one of the most lucrative niches.

2.  There’s a wide array of sub-topics

This reason ties in very nicely with the previous one. Due to the vast mix of people who will be reading your food blog, the choice of sub-topic becomes just as huge.

A food blog can cover everything from restaurant reviews to recipes, food fads to diet plans and so much more. Once you have your blog set up, it is quick and easy to separate your posts into sub-categories for ease of access for your audience.

Having such a large choice of sub-topics can also mean that writing a food blog stays interesting for you, the author. A lot of people will fall into blogging, only to find themselves bored a few months down the line because of the monotony of writing similar posts all the time. With food, you are sure to always have something fresh and new to write about.

3. Make money!

As with any blogging niche, food blogs can earn their authors a nice side income, or perhaps even a full-time one if the circumstances are right. I am not saying that from the get-go, your food blog will bring in the bucks and you can happily retire from your current career. Not at all. Like anything, food blogging takes work and dedication if you want to succeed.

One of the major advantages of having a popular blog niche like food is that companies will want to work with you. The bigger your audience, the more likely you are to receive paid work.

Companies are looking to promote their service or product to a wider audience and doing so through blog posts on an independent website can be a great way to do this. You may find that you are paid per word, per blog post or if you are really lucky, come out with a contract for regular writing for the company.

These food companies are also keen to get their products noticed through reviews, so it is not uncommon for them to send freebies out to bloggers in exchange for writing a nice review. This may not be actual money in the bank but nobody ever turned their nose up at a free meal or a sample of a new healthy food.

There is also the advertising and affiliate side to blogging, which is no different in the food blog niche. Joining forces with a company and displaying their ads on your website is a good way to make a little extra profit from your blog. These ads do not have to be food-related but it may help if they are, as your audience will be interested in food and are more likely to make purchases (from which you make a profit) when the products are something they are passionate about.

4. Try new things

Becoming a food blogger can be an exciting time simply due to the reason that you are now going to be able to experience new things that you had never previously thought about. That new Japanese restaurant in town? You maybe would never have visited, but now, with your food bloggers head-on, you see a great opportunity for a post.

The journey you are about to go on is not simply for your readers, but also for yourself. If you ever wanted a reason to try a new food, a new diet, a new eatery or anything else food-related, your food blog is it. Your audience will not only love the content but will also enjoy joining you on your new adventures.

5. It is your passion

If you are passionate about everything to do with food, then starting a food blog is almost a no-brainer. There are so many people who would love to have the opportunity to turn their passion into something that they can do as a career, and whilst there are no guarantees that the cash will start flowing in right away, there is always that potential.

Money-making aside, it can be highly therapeutic to indulge yourself in something that you are passionate about. Not only that but if you have enjoyed cooking as a hobby, starting a food blog is a great way to introduce new ideas and skills into your cooking repertoire. You will need to research for your blog and by doing this you are constantly going to be learning new things.

6. A sense of community

Think about how many people are potentially going to engage with your food blog. It could be thousands of people every week, millions every month if things really take off for you. And all of these people are going to be interested in food in one way or another, just like you. What a great opportunity to meet some like-minded people.

Blogging can be a very community-based activity, especially within the different niches. Bloggers become known to one another and are able to share tips and ideas as well as giving each other support through their journeys. If you are brand new to blogging, this is especially valuable.

But it is not only other bloggers that you will come into contact with but your readers. You will get feedback on your articles and the things you have talked about and you are likely to spend a lot of your time conversing with those who love what you are doing. This can bring great satisfaction.

If you are looking for something that will bring you a real sense of community, then food blogging is right up there with all of the other best ways.


Is food blogging for you? I’m sure that if you had been toying with the idea, that these reasons have likely made the final decision for you. However, a lot of people do not know where to begin when starting a blog, and they are not alone. If you are one of these people then do not panic, there are ways in which you can gain all the knowledge you will need to get you on your way.

One of these ways is to take our free Start a food blog video course, which will give you all the information you will need to get started on your new blog. This is a great way to begin and will arm you with all the knowledge that you will need to succeed.

It could not be easier to get started with our free video guide, where all of your questions and concerns will be answered and you can get on your way with starting the food blog of your dreams.

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